Officials of First Security Islami Exchange Italy srl

Board of Directors:

     1. Alam Mohammed Saiful (Chairman)
     2. Ahmed Belal (Managing Director)
     3. MalequeMohammed Abdul
     4. Alam Md Hamid(Executive Director)
     5. Farid Ahmed Bhuyan

Board of Auditors:

     1. Stefano Salimei (President of the Board of Auditors)
     2. Ruben Anticoli (Auditor)
     3. Luca Giannetti (Auditor)
     4. Bruno Colafranceschi(Deputy Auditor)
     5. Terenzio Marinaccio (Deputy Auditor)
     6. Marco Bernabei(Statutory Auditor of Accounts)

Money Laundering e Compliance Officer

      Avv. Andrea Grifi

Internal Audit

      Maleque Mohammed Abdul

Risk Manager

      Farid Ahmed Bhuyan

Company Accountant & Bookkeeper

      Stefano Sirocchi
      Studio Sirocchi &Associati

Legal Advisor

      Andrea Arcangeli – Studio LegaleAssociato (Simmons & Simmons):

Labor Consultant



      Mr Paolo Pardi (Responsible of Agents Network)
      Zaman Rahat: Cashier